Saturday 24 July 2010

I don't know why the time rushes on so relentlessly - I seem to be getting busier and busier. (I went to see a podiatrist on friday who told me I needed an operation on my foot which would take me out of action for 6 months and a part of me cheered! but not the part that needs to find £5,000!)

But meantime.... I am at least doing lots of things at the moment, it's not all accounts and vat! I went to the theatre today, to see The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue with Jeff Goldblum and Mercedes Ruehl. It was absolutely brilliant! It's on until Sept 25th and I urge you (if anybody's out there) to go see it. Jeff Goldblum is magnificient (well he is anyway, without having to be in a play!) and he also seemed genuinely delighted with the overwhelming applause (I even caught myself doing a few whistles and cheers!)

And on Thursday I went to a Speakers Club session. I always come away wishing I had said something different/better/profound/funny/clever/clearer...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day...

And I am reading a very interesting book called The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron, which helps to explain the "creative process" and the psychology of "creating". She suggests that we should write 3 pages of thoughts/rambles every morning to help us unblock (although she explains it much better than that) and I'm wondering if I should (but really I'd much rather just go and live with her, she sounds like she understands!)
But I have got a couple of projects made, and get a chance to show eldest daughter Lily modelling the Dahlia pin/pendant. (Well actually I have done a few pieces for The BeadWorkers Guild as well, but they are under wraps for now.) The other pic above is Jensen's Necklace.
(Georg Jensen was a Danish Silversmith, and much of his work was a wonderful blend in solid silver of repetetive rhythmic flowing shapes and decorative art nouveau. He would frequently add opals or moonstones to his work, so I have had a great excuse to use some lovely Swarovski Opal Rivolis.)
My next task now is Klimt's Collar, which I know one or two are waiting for, so I'll get cracking!

Saturday 19 December 2009

chilly pre-christmas

Well, we have snowy roads here and I haven't been able to get into the office: which is quite out in the country up a narrow, windy and hilly lane -and treacherous in bad weather. So no excuse for not getting cracking with all my home jobs! I'm listening to some lovely music on the ipod - played by Gene Harris (which my friend Marlene introduced me to) - glorious jazzy,bluesy piano - try this link if you would like to hear and see a sample.

So I'm just working on the instructions for the new Summer Berries Bracelet, and here is a picture of it.

It's also taking my mind off the guilt trip of not working, and not preparing for Christmas - which the snow has put paid to! I'm really off the whole idea of braving the roads: I got stuck on Thursday night coming home from Ipswich - 4hrs on the A12 (with what should have been a 20 minute journey) lorries and cars scattered everywhere like abandoned toys; but the only crash that I saw was the snow plough!

We have a family party tomorrow, for my Mum's 90th birthday and I am making lunch, but I think it's not going to be quite as anticipated; I shall be working with whatever we've got in the freezer. I don't think she'll even notice, and everyone else can be plied with drinks in advance! Here's a pic of my Mum and Dad taken about 18months ago; happy memories!
Oh, and what was I doing in Ipswich? I went to The Association of Speakers Clubs where I am trying to overcome my nerves of speaking in public. They do lots of different exercises and topic practices with the idea that the more you do in a supportive environment the more confident you will feel. Good idea in theory - watch this space!
Meantime back to my contemplative beading!

Sunday 25 October 2009

autumn woodland beaded box

I read somewhere on some guide that posting pictures of your cats is a sad thing, which is a shame as i really wanted to share a view of our big black and white fluffy cat - Tiggy - who had very long hair. He doesn't groom himself properly (or let us do it) and was quite matted. Anyway a grooming parlour took him in hand (or harness) and shaved him - he looks hilarious! like a cat poodle! A big furry tail and paws and head but a scrawny, shaved body! the funny thing is he seems to be really happy about it. Instead of coming back traumatised as we expected he hasn't stopped purring. Mind you the other cat was so shocked at the apparition that she has hidden herself under the sofa! And the dog keeps sniffing his butt to see what sort of creature he has turned into!

So I have had Tiggy sat on my lap as I beaded this latest offering in my Woodland Box series - something he didn't do before when he had hair! I just love the dark moody colours on this box - it must have come from quite a deep forest!

Tuesday 15 September 2009

verdura collar

Steady on! two posts in one week!
well i feel a sense of having reached the chequered flag now that i have finished the verdura collar.
i'm quite pleased with this: it's true to what i think of as verdura's style and also some interesting beading and it certainly looks good on sophie. now i just have to get the notes sorted out, and then i can do my other end of project ritual - which is to tidy my workroom (and boy does it need it this time!)

Thursday 10 September 2009

September Beading

I can't believe it's been so long since I visited this page. I know this was supposed to be about what gets in the way, but hey, everything has!
But I have been doing some stuff! This pic is of Athena's Necklace which I hope to do as a masterclass next year (not like me to have something ready before I need to!) It is an adaptation of the Pandora's Necklace available for the Bead Merchant Online Bead Club's Seasonal Goody Box.
And I am working on the Verdura Collar (which is just as well, as it's in a couple of weeks!) There is a pic of a bit of that too, I have made a bow.

Verdura was an eccentric and charismatic Sicilian Duke who made beautiful jewellery for film stars and aristocrats (including the Duchess of Windsor), and returned to recurring themes such as crosses and bows. He was also renowned for choosing sumptuous colours for his jewellery and putting that design decision above the value of the gemstones themselves (so he would for example use shells and pearls and amethysts if the design warranted it rather than diamonds).
I've also started a new website, which has downloads of
some masterclasses, plus details of where and when classes are available. I'm pleased with it - love the colours, all my favourites!
Oh, and my Berry Bracelet came second in a competition in the U.S. which I'm pretty chuffed about!
I'm thinking about making another version of it, with a slightly smaller rope - I think the original is quite chunky. It's got a name already, Summer Berries Bracelet, and will be next in line after the Verdura Collar is finished.
So I guess I'd better stop rambling and start beading - well I don't know, I may have to listen to another of those remastered Beatles records first!

Thursday 30 April 2009

easter eggs and beading

Hooray! Easter and lots of chocolate! I do sometimes wonder just why I have to eat so much of it, but how could anyone resist these little beauties?
and thank goodness that the weather has been kind at long last. We have had quite a few sunny days and I have been enjoying my garden at last. Today I even sat in the conservatory beading (although it didn't last long as i was on taxi duty). I'm working on a box which will have a beaded lid themed around "Spring Woodland" and I had a lovely time painting the fabric before starting the beading

It would be nice to think that I can carry on tomorrow, but I won't be able to go back for several days. Still, that'll give me plenty of time to mull over the next stages - I have tree trunks and boughs worked out, and some small flowers and leaves, I'll post it here when I've done a bit more.

Friday 23 January 2009

bleak january

i'm not enjoying this january - usually i just love the austerity and quiet greyness of the beginning of the year after the excesses of christmas - but this year.. i don't know, maybe it's the weather or the general sense of gloom in the air, but i shall be so glad when we can clutch at the spring.

i have been doing lots of beading though! so that's good news. i managed to finish one of my projects, moonshadow - which is white and looks surprisingly good on the skin (i need to get it modelled) but here is my younger daughter sophie wearing spring bouquet. that lovely picture is enough to cheer me up!

i have also been working on the quarterly project for the online bead club. it's a fabric covered box with a sumpuous silk jacquard top and lots and lots of beading! one of those lovely things that you do just for the fun of it - quite pointless but oh,so romantic...the silk material i purchased in one of the silk mill shops in sudbury, we are very lucky to have access to two of these mills - both of which have been operating since the early 1700's - wow! walking around their shops is just gorgeous, but i'm afraid i'm not very patient with sewing - i'd rather be beading,or walking the dog!