Saturday, 24 July 2010

I don't know why the time rushes on so relentlessly - I seem to be getting busier and busier. (I went to see a podiatrist on friday who told me I needed an operation on my foot which would take me out of action for 6 months and a part of me cheered! but not the part that needs to find £5,000!)

But meantime.... I am at least doing lots of things at the moment, it's not all accounts and vat! I went to the theatre today, to see The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue with Jeff Goldblum and Mercedes Ruehl. It was absolutely brilliant! It's on until Sept 25th and I urge you (if anybody's out there) to go see it. Jeff Goldblum is magnificient (well he is anyway, without having to be in a play!) and he also seemed genuinely delighted with the overwhelming applause (I even caught myself doing a few whistles and cheers!)

And on Thursday I went to a Speakers Club session. I always come away wishing I had said something different/better/profound/funny/clever/clearer...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day...

And I am reading a very interesting book called The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron, which helps to explain the "creative process" and the psychology of "creating". She suggests that we should write 3 pages of thoughts/rambles every morning to help us unblock (although she explains it much better than that) and I'm wondering if I should (but really I'd much rather just go and live with her, she sounds like she understands!)
But I have got a couple of projects made, and get a chance to show eldest daughter Lily modelling the Dahlia pin/pendant. (Well actually I have done a few pieces for The BeadWorkers Guild as well, but they are under wraps for now.) The other pic above is Jensen's Necklace.
(Georg Jensen was a Danish Silversmith, and much of his work was a wonderful blend in solid silver of repetetive rhythmic flowing shapes and decorative art nouveau. He would frequently add opals or moonstones to his work, so I have had a great excuse to use some lovely Swarovski Opal Rivolis.)
My next task now is Klimt's Collar, which I know one or two are waiting for, so I'll get cracking!

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