Friday, 23 January 2009

bleak january

i'm not enjoying this january - usually i just love the austerity and quiet greyness of the beginning of the year after the excesses of christmas - but this year.. i don't know, maybe it's the weather or the general sense of gloom in the air, but i shall be so glad when we can clutch at the spring.

i have been doing lots of beading though! so that's good news. i managed to finish one of my projects, moonshadow - which is white and looks surprisingly good on the skin (i need to get it modelled) but here is my younger daughter sophie wearing spring bouquet. that lovely picture is enough to cheer me up!

i have also been working on the quarterly project for the online bead club. it's a fabric covered box with a sumpuous silk jacquard top and lots and lots of beading! one of those lovely things that you do just for the fun of it - quite pointless but oh,so romantic...the silk material i purchased in one of the silk mill shops in sudbury, we are very lucky to have access to two of these mills - both of which have been operating since the early 1700's - wow! walking around their shops is just gorgeous, but i'm afraid i'm not very patient with sewing - i'd rather be beading,or walking the dog!