Sunday, 25 October 2009

autumn woodland beaded box

I read somewhere on some guide that posting pictures of your cats is a sad thing, which is a shame as i really wanted to share a view of our big black and white fluffy cat - Tiggy - who had very long hair. He doesn't groom himself properly (or let us do it) and was quite matted. Anyway a grooming parlour took him in hand (or harness) and shaved him - he looks hilarious! like a cat poodle! A big furry tail and paws and head but a scrawny, shaved body! the funny thing is he seems to be really happy about it. Instead of coming back traumatised as we expected he hasn't stopped purring. Mind you the other cat was so shocked at the apparition that she has hidden herself under the sofa! And the dog keeps sniffing his butt to see what sort of creature he has turned into!

So I have had Tiggy sat on my lap as I beaded this latest offering in my Woodland Box series - something he didn't do before when he had hair! I just love the dark moody colours on this box - it must have come from quite a deep forest!

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