Thursday, 30 April 2009

easter eggs and beading

Hooray! Easter and lots of chocolate! I do sometimes wonder just why I have to eat so much of it, but how could anyone resist these little beauties?
and thank goodness that the weather has been kind at long last. We have had quite a few sunny days and I have been enjoying my garden at last. Today I even sat in the conservatory beading (although it didn't last long as i was on taxi duty). I'm working on a box which will have a beaded lid themed around "Spring Woodland" and I had a lovely time painting the fabric before starting the beading

It would be nice to think that I can carry on tomorrow, but I won't be able to go back for several days. Still, that'll give me plenty of time to mull over the next stages - I have tree trunks and boughs worked out, and some small flowers and leaves, I'll post it here when I've done a bit more.

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