Sunday, 30 November 2008

busy beading

It's been a hectic few weeks with exhibitions and classes, and a glorious trip to France (more of that in the New Year).

I spent a lovely few days at the beginning of the month up in Cumbria at Muncaster Castle with beady friends old and new and we were working on the Firecracker - which is a very dramatic necklace inspired by - surprise - fireworks and sparklers! The colours are much more dramatic and primary than my usual choices and although I think it looks good and I'm pleased with it, I did find it quite difficult (particularly the black frosted beads which made up the main strap of the necklace and were very gritty to the touch). Anyway here's a pic for you to see for yourselves - I'm not sure if and when it'll be a kit, I think it'll depend on how well people get on with the construction.

I also went to Alson Hall for a weekend for The Tollhouse Beaders. Another fantastic time with such lovely people - I feel very honoured and priviledged to be invited to such groups to share their camaraderie. we did the Alston Lariat, which is a long textural strap held in place by a beaded buckle and ending in glorious ruffles. Soft and misty colouring, and I've got my eye on several alternative colourways. I also worked on a bracelet to match, which I'm now wearing a lot to roadtest it as it were- and so far so good!
Both of these designs have inspired a lot of what will be my new classes for next year. I'm really keen on the beaded buckles and circles, and the foolproof beaded Rivolis - so I'm working around those ideas and hope to have the new Masterclass Listings ready at the beginning of the New Year.

I will be taking a couple of weeks off over Christmas to get started on these designs, and The Bead Merchant will be closed until Jan 5th, but I expect I'll go stircrazy and have to go into the office to do some "tidying" or "sorting" - anything to avoid the accounts that at the moment are strewn all over my desk!

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